Information for exchange Students

Would you like to learn more about German culture, participate in typical leisure activities and taste traditional dishes? Become part of a German family in the adop-a-student-program of the university of applied sciences in Bremen! The most frequent questions about the program are answered here.

What are the benefits of the Adopt-a-student program?
It can be very hard to get along in a foreign country, especially when you don’t know so much about culture and language. Through the adopt program you get a family in Germany, which hopefully takes care of you just as well as your family at home. This family helps you as much possible, no matter what problem you have. Whether it is cultural questions or you do not understand the German bureaucracy or grammar (which no one actually does), the family supports you.

What requirements are necessary?
You should be interested in German culture and everyday-life, because this is what your adopt-family will show you. Special language skills are not required, but some English is definitely helpful. A bit of knowledge about your own culture would also be nice, because the adop-families are mostly also interested in your country and your culture.

Do the people of my adopt-family speak my language?
Most sponsors of the adopt-program speak English, but I really can’t say how fluent or accent free. Some sponsors learn a foreign language and inform the contactperson of the program about it, so it is possible that you get a sponsor who learns your language.

Do I need to pay for the program?
No, the program is for free.

Do I live together with my adopt family?The sponsors have no financial or other obligations. Nor are they expected to provide you with a room for your stay in Bremen.

Who do I need to contact to participate?M.A. Antje-Kathrine Nantcho
International Office
Neustadtswall 30/ AB 105
28199 Bremen
☎: +49 421 5905-2440