Bremen isn’t only a city in Germany, it is also the capital of the state Bremen, consisting of Bremen and Bremerhaven. It is a hanseatic city and second populous in Northern Germany.
Here I will collect lots of information about Bremen and surrounding areas in English and German.

A little history lesson


Bremen is very old and the area around the Weser was settled since 12.000 BC. Of course it wasn’t a real city then, so the first time we could call it city like was around 900 AD. At this time Bremen already had a Dom and most of the people living there were fishermen.
Around 1300 AD the number of merchants increased, the Dom was build of stone and some other churches were build. There was also a harbor and a wall, which protected the citizens from enemy attacks.
In the 18th century Bremen became a wealthy city, the town hall with its magnificent facade was build as well as the harbor at “Schlachte”. During the Thirty Year’s War Bremen remained intact.
During the 20th century the unnecessary city walls were changed to a park called “Wallanlagen”. A lot of people worked in the harbor or for the industry and a many new city parts were developed.