The Town Musicians of remen

“I tell you what,” said the donkey, “I am going to Bremen, and shall be town-musician there. Go with me and engage yourself also as a musician. I will play the lute, and you shall beat the kettle-drum.”
That’s how the donkey convinced the dog to come with him to Bremen and on their way they found a cat and a cock, which went with them. Who read the story, knows that they never ended up in Bremen, but nevertheless they have become a very important symbol for this city.

Where to find the Town musicians?

You can find the town musicians at every corner of Bremen. There are statues everywhere, some quite obvious to find and some a little bit hidden. Who comes to Bremen as a tourist most times makes a picture with the Town Musicians next to the town hall. For more than 50 years, there is the best known sculpture of the musicians. The donkey has golden feet, because it brings luck to touch his legs with both hands.

The oldest Town Musicians can be found in the Ratskeller, a Restaurant beneath the town hall. This sculpture is a bronze cast work by F. W. Heine from 1899 and shows how the Town Musicians overwhelm the bandits. Unfortunately this sculpture is in the Kaiserzimmer, which is only opened for special occasions.



The smallest Town Musicians can be found in Böttcherstraße. They walk on a narrow pipe of a well in front of the candy store.

Who wants to find Town Musicians in Bremen, doesn’t need to search for them, but hast to open his eyes just a little bit – They are everywhere. Whether in the Bürgerpark, the Kaufhof, the Schnoor, the market square, the library or the Focke Museum, there is no place where they do not exist. Because the animals are the world’s most famous fairy-tale figures, they can be found at Harvard University and the Goethe Institute in Osaka (Japan).


Experience Town Musicians

Those who do not know the history of the city musicians can watch it from May to October at the Domshof. Every Sunday at 12:00 and also free of charge. The performance on the mobile stage takes about half an hour and is really nice to watch.

The „Bremer Loch“

Right in front of the „Haus der Bürgerschaft“ you can find the so called “Bremer Loch”. Some people are frightened when they stand there and suddenly animal sounds come from the ground. Then someone has thrown a coin into the hole, because this is a donation box, which thanks with an animal noise. The money goes e.g. to the Red Cross or to the Workers’ Welfare.

Don’t crow, don’t howl, don’t growl, don’t say hee-haw. Put something into the bremish hole.

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