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HOW TO: Elect in Germany

On September 24 we will elect our Bundestag (federal parliament) in Germany. This is the most important election, happening every four years. Most people might think the federal president is the one with the most power in our government, but actually his duties are more a representative or ceremonial. The executive power lies by our chancellor, who is elected by...

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HOW TO: celebrate Easter in Germany

Easter is one of the most popular holidays in Germany. After a cold and dark winter, it celebrates the spring… and Jesus Christ's resurrection, according to the Christian Bible. A lot of Easter traditions are much older than Christianity, so they were adapted or forbidden by the church. Buts some of these traditions were continued in the hidden, like painting...

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HOW TO: Go to school in Germany

A lot of my adopt-students asked me how the German school system works, especially, when I attended school. Actually our school system isn't that difficult to understand, but it's very different to other countries. The majority of German students attend public schools. Here in Germany education is free and available for children of all social classes, furthermore we have compulsory school...