German Comic Con Berlin

Hey guys 🙂

Yesterday I went to the German Comic Convention in Berlin, how awesome ist that? Two years ago I went to a Comic Convention in Dortmund, which was really fun, so I decided to give Berlin a try. Some people might call me a nerd, but that’s okay I can deal with that.

One reason I wanted to go there were the stars we know from movies and series. Unfortunately German comic conventions are not that big, so most times there are not the most famous stars. But if you are a big fan of Game of Thrones, Star Wars or other fandoms it is often a really cool thing to meet actors from supportive roles too. Last time, I wanted to get an autograph from Manu Bennett, I knew him from Spartacus and The Hobbit, and I was surprised that he wasn’t as tall as I always thought. We had a nice talk about Bremen, the city I come from, because he told me about a character in a new series he had a role in, who is called Bremen. He also showed me a picture of a sign from the autobahn, which showed the direction to Bremen. He was very exited about that, crazy, isn’t it? I guess no matter how famous some people are, they’re just humans too.

There were some panels from different Fandoms, like Star Trek and Star Wars, I really wanted to see, but after the first Star Wars panel I was so disappointed about the tone quality, that I didn’t see the other panels. I mean the stage was not that big and there were just about thirty people, but it was quite hard to understand a word standing in the last line.

The most fun part was watching all the people doing cosplay. There were lots of Stormtroopers and Harley Quinns this year and most of them did a great job. I guess it takes lots of time, money and passion to have a hobby like cosplay. Especially when you don’t just buy the costumes, but make them yourself. Maybe I will try to do a little bit cosplay next year, but I am not that good at sewing and make up, so I guess it will be a mess.

Remember Twinkies from Zombie Land?

A Comic Convention is also a good opportunity to go shopping, especially if you like extraordinary things. I was looking for something practical, I could use for my new flat. One of the things I was looking for was a Vinyl Pop figure from Game of thrones for my bookshelf. I know, I can get this also on the internet, but I hoped to get it a little bit cheaper. Guess what – I couldn’t find any Game of Thrones Vinyl Pop figure. Another thing I was looking for was a Yoda toaster. That might sound a bit strange, but I still don’t have a toaster and if I ever get one, I want to burn little Yodas on my toast. This shopping mission failed too.

But I found something great to decorate my flat with. There is a shop, called Laser Moon, which makes awesome posters from different movies. As a Star Wars fan I had to buy some. They will look really good in my new flat, I am totally sure about that!

What is absolutely fascinating me about comic conventions is the atmosphere. The people there are all so nice and you can meet interesting new people. It doesn’t matter what you look like, if you have the best costume as a cosplayer or not and nobody cares if you prefer Star Wars or Star Trek. You can be just who you are and nobody judges you. I like events like that.

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