International cooking

Hi Guys 🙂
It’s been a while, but after a month without internet, I finally have the opportunity to blog again. So I’d like to take the chance and blog about the topic that let me create this blog – the “Adopt a student” program.

In November we met to cook together. Unfortunately, not all students had time so it was just one of our new adopt students there. But that should not mean that the culinary offer was one-sided. We had a visit from Carlos, a former adopt student, and Dheebika brought her language tandem from the US.

Vanessa cooked a Chinese specialty for me that I ate on my vacation. “Baozi” is the name given to the little meat-filled dumplings and they are incredibly tasty. I tried to cook it many times, but I just couldn’t handle steaming it without the dumplings bursting open.

From the US there was the traditional dish “Mac’n’Cheese”, which was not as easy to cook as we thought. Despite all the doubts it  tasted very good. There was also gimbap (Korean sushi), Iranian rice, Mexican sandwiches and Indian curry.


Like every time it was delicious and we hope to cook with the other students once again.

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