Our family grew again

Hey guys 🙂

It’s been a while since I blogged about adopt a student, which is caused by semester holidays and the fact that most of our family memebers went back home. But now I can happily announce that our family grew again, not just because we got new adopt students.

My sweet adopt sister Cemre is mother now and my aunt and uncle are proud to be adopt grandparents again! These are great news and I hope little Defne starts to discover our world soon, stays healthy and becomes stronger everyday. My aunt always says “Das Leben ist eine einzige Ungerechtigkeit!”( Life is a singe injustice), but I am sure Cemre and her husband will manage to raise Defne to a tough girl, walking self-determined through her life. I wish the newly minted family the best future.

In the beginning of this month we got our new adopt students too. Unfortunately I had to stay in Hamburg for work, so I couldn’t come to Bremen to say “Hello”, but I am sure we’ll meet soon! Our new members come from China, Japan, Romania, South Korea and Syria. I am so excited to learn something new about the different cultures, especially about Romania and Syria, because we’ve never had adopt students from these countries.

Adopt students now

My aunt told me the first meet was very nice. The last years I made a little presentation about the program, so new members know what they can do or experience together. This time they had a new idea about how to get the families together. My aunt had a nameplate with the word “Tram” written on and the students of our family had nameplates with the German word “Straßenbahn”.

I am really looking forward to our next meeting, which is next week on Saturday. A former adopt student from the US will visit us and we’ll have a great day in Hamburg.


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