Santa Pauli – Hamburgs hottest Christmas market

Hi Guys
It’s December and for me that means Christmas time! Yesterday we even had snow in Hamburg, so maybe we’ll have a white Christmas this year – wouln’t that be awesome? Although it’s cold outside and usually raining, you can do so much, especially in my new home, Hamburg, where there are so many beautiful Christmas markets. A few days ago I checked out one of them with a friend, because this one so different to the usual Christmas markets.

“Santa Pauli – Hamburg’s hottest Christmas market” – is the slogan and I have to admit that the motto is very well met. Here, tradition and “Kiez”(amusement) are mixed in a pleasant and entertaining way. At first, I was not sure what to think about this special Christmas Charm, because it’s a bit strange to find Bondage Toys in a stand with earrings and bracelets. But okay, that’s just the motto and it continues quite well through the market.

In addition to the obligatory mulled wine stands, advertised with slogans like “Do it yourself” there can even be found a Strip tent at the Christmas market, in which a show takes place every full hour. Admission is from 18 and free, so if you have never seen something like this before, give it a try. There is also a stage on with various show acts.

What lured me to the market was a very special drink, which can probably only be found there and only on Mondays. In the “Mulled wine pharmacy”, there is a unicorn mulled wine – pink, glittering, extremely sweet and with the spicy ingredient of a unicorndi… – tail of course. Unfortunately, I have to say, that this drink would probably not attract so much, if unicorns were not just fully in vogue, because it tastes of a future diabetes and is therefore probably not for everyone. For the price of 5.50 euros you should think twice if you would rather drink a traditional mulled wine.

All in all, I can say that Santa Pauli is worth a visit! The motto may not be for everyone, but it is incredibly well implemented and even if you do not want to buy the latest sex toys as a Christmas present, but just drink a mulled wine and enjoy the atmosphere you can come here. The Christmas mood is missing in no place.

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