Student’s Christmas 2017

Hi Guys

First of all: Merry Christmas. I wishyou a happy time with the family, without stress and arguments. Christmas is a tradition firmly anchored in Germany that is now celebrated in the whole world any way. To show our adoptive students the German Christmas traditions, we celebrate Christmas with them a few days before Christmas Eve, normally on the third advent.

We do not celebrate the Student Christmas in Bremen, but in our home village Fischerhude. There we have a small Christmas market on one day of the year, which is knowm by many people livig in the area around. Besides mulled wine and something to eat you will find Advent jewelry, regional delicacies, as well as arts and crafts. When I was a child, there was only the Christmas market around the old market square. For several years the market has expanded to the parking lots at Brünings Scheune, where it is a little more modern.

After all have found their way to Fischerhude, we walked around the Christmas market, drank a mulled wine or children’s punch from the youth fire department and ate something.
Then we went back to Bea, where in the garden a campfire, brownies and biscuits were waiting for us.

Like at Christmas Eve there should be a presents. My aunt bought a small gift for everyone and put it under the Christmas tree, which was already decoreted. Each student had the task to present a Christmas song in their mother tongue, that working really well. The German faction weakened a bit and sang the title song of “The secret world of santa claus”. For my generation this serie has something to do with Christmas culture.

In the evening there was also a typical German Christmas dinner: potato salad and Bockwurst. But we have also done a Bulgarian Christmas ctradition, which we have taken from one of our first adopt-students. Bea baked a bread in which a coin was baked in. The owner of the house shares the bread and everyone gets a piece. The one, who gets the piece with the coin will be very lucky next year. This time it was Anas. I hope it will work.

I think that the other students will also be lucky in the next year and everyone is lhaving a merry Christmas and a happy new year!

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