Zoo and fish sandwiches in Hamburg

Hey guys ­čÖé

On Sunday, the new adopt students, students of the “Ausbildungsbr├╝cke” and a former adopt student came to Hamburg. We had a nice day in the Hansestadt and visited the Zoo Hagenbeck, followed by a small walk over the Landungsbr├╝cken.

Actually I wanted to come to Bremen on the weekend because Nate, a former adopt student from the USA, came to visit us. Unfortunately I had to work on Saturday, but we had our meeting on Sunday in Hamburg instead. I was very happy to see Nate again after such a long time, even if it was only one day.

Thanks to Tatev, we did not have to think long about what we wanted to do in Hamburg. She has to write an essay for the school about Orangutans and everyone agreed with the idea to go to the Zoo Hagenbeck. Even if the weather wasn’t that good, we had a great time in the park and I think everyone saw his favorite animal there.

Especially the elephants were cool, which could be fed with carrots and cucumbers, but also the free animals and the penguins, which were close to the grasp. A highlight for all were probably the Tiegerbabys, who were totally cute and played together.

The orangutans were  a little lazy thaht day and only a little spectacular. Nevertheless, Tatev could learn something about these animals and has great pictures for her presentation.

After visiting the animal park we were all completely wet from the rain and looking for a snack and a hot drink. At the Landungsbr├╝cken, there were fish sandwiches and grog for all (or something different). The Fischpfanne had enough space for all of us and the food tasted really good there. I can highly recommend the Matjesbr├Âtchen, also the students were thrilled by this Northern German specialty.

I can’t believe aour day was nearly over then. We actually wanted to show a piece of Hamburg’s most famous amusement mile to the students, but unfortunately there was no time for the Reeperbahn.
I hope that all of them had a nice day and I am sure that still open wishes like the Speicherstadt and Miniatur Wunderland can still be seen one day.

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